Have You Ever Thought about Investing in Fine Wine?

Wine is for all of us a commodity first but why is Fine Wine becoming such an interesting investment?

Alti Exchange Group's research clearly shows how the value of fine wines has risen since 2016 and this is mainly due to the fact that wine is seen as being uncorrelated to the stock market, becoming highly desirable for those who want to protect themselves from any crash in shares.


What is happening in markets at the moment is that, as you probably know, central banks are creating hot money and lending it out at fake rates, resulting in higher financial economy with record highs in the stock market and in real estate and record lows in interest rates.

Plus, you also certainly know that a well-diversified investment portfolio is essential for managing risk and countering periods of volatility. This is why the inclusion of Fine Wine as an alternative investment is becoming more and more common and is to become key to any investor with a minimum amount of funds.

And last but not least, the result of zero interest rate policies and quantitative easing by central banks is obvious: more debt and bigger deficits and the debasement of currencies. Weak money make people spend more to avoid losing their money on their wasting currency.

Alti Wine Exchange is the world's first open and transparent marketplace for retail clients, institutions and brokers to trade fine and rare wines as tokens in a regulated market around the globe. 

It was created to offer the perfect platform in a growing market, which is full of opportunities, but it was also created in a sophisticated but accessible way to help people invest in Fine Wine.

The idea behind it (and taking into account all the facts above about the markets) is that Fine Wine is not only wine that gets better with time but also and mainly wine that will gain in value. This is a key point: rare and/or old vintage wines are more sought after and desirable, representing a safer and more lucrative investment (mainly if you hold it for at least three years). So this is not like investing in individual stocks where it can actually really 'go to zero' - a wine token will always be backed by the actual 'bottle of wine' itself, even more if it's a fine and rare wine. The potential return is obviously very high.

Alti Wine Exchange has a team of experts around the world looking for the rarest and most exceptional quality wines to list. These physical assets now tokenized are one of the best investments one can do and offer a huge opportunity to those who are looking for a wealthier investment. 

By Ana Sofia de Oliveira - The Wine Agency

Marta Barros