A unique combination of the best terroir and "savoir faire".

Montes Folly 2011 IBO The oldest Syrah of Chile!

This Syrah, Montes Folly 2011 from Viña Montes is an extremely fantastic wine with exceptional qualities to be kept another 20 years by collectors and investors. This is the reason Alti Wine Exchange chose this wine for his first Chilean IBO, because wine connoisseurs will not miss the opportunity to own this special wine.

SUBSCRIPTION PERIOD: From October 4th to November 4th

  • Number of bottles produced: 28.000

  • Number of bottles reserved for IBO: 150

  • Average retail price: 100 USD

  • IBO launch price: 80 EUR

Notes from the Winemaker


Aurelio’s intuition led him to plant Syrah in the higher slopes of the Montes Apalta Mountain Estate. Montes Folly is grown on the very highest slopes of "la Finca de Apalta" vineyard, in Apalta Valley, with an inclination exceeding 45º degrees. Denomination of Origin is Santa Cruz, within the Colchagua valley. These steep slopes are home to the superb grapes that become Montes Folly, Chile’s first ultra-premium Syrah. Yields are extremely low at less than 4 tons per hectare, with grapes and clusters that are much smaller and more concentrated than in the vineyard’s lower slopes. As a result, they deliver more colour and tannins, making Montes Folly richly coloured, complex and powerful. Harvested by acrobats, all grapes are hand-picked and sorted on a special selection table, where every grape not up to the quality required is removed. Once in the tank, a bleeding of 20% is made to concentrate flavour, ripe tannins and colour. Fermentation is triggered and completed with wild yeasts coming from the environment, giving a true expression of terroir. It is aged 18 months in 100% new French oak barrels. There is no fining and only one very light filtration before bottling.