Yes! For the first time you can now trade fine wine tax-free on an EU based exchange.




  1. Easy

Buy and sell fine and rare wines as if they were stocks in a organized market. We make the whole experience easy, so you don’t have to waste time or energy on details.

2. Start Trading Wine - The real Asset

Buy the wines you want for investment, without the storage hassle. Whether you are a sommelier, or an investor, you will love the simple, seamless experience of trading wine in an organized market.

3. Cost Effective

You don’t need your own wine cellar, or to arrange for storage in a bonded warehouse, and most importantly, trading is free from consumption taxes. Instead you pay a trading fee of 2%, and we take care of everything else.

4. Safe& Authentic

Your wine is safely stored at Bordeaux City Bond, and ownership is registered on the Ethereum blockchain. This ensures the optimal storage condition, and authenticity of all wines on Alti Wine Exchange, which is essential for the resale value of your wine.


5. Create Account

Until now, only the privileged or the wealthy had access to alternative investments. Alti Wine Exchange has changed this by creating a marketplace of selected IBOs of Fine and Rare Wines that everyone can invest in. We believe that access to alternative investments should be universal and not just available to those that already have wealth or privileged access to these types of Offerings. Alti Wine Exchange was created to give all investors the opportunity to invest in the most exciting IBOs of Fine and Rare Wines. It's easy to sign up, easy to use and equally easy to find the latest IBO to invest in.

Discover our exciting IBOs in Fine and Rare Wines!