Q. Who is Alti Wine Exchange?

A. Alti Wine Exchange is the world’s first open and transparent marketplace for retail clients, institutions and brokers to trade fine and rare wines as tokens in a regulated market around the globe. Alti Wine Exchange is the trade name of ALTI Exchange Group, the blockchain powered marketplace company servicing alternative investment markets and based in the European Economic Area (Liechtenstein).


Q. What is an IBO?

A. An Initial Bottle Offering (IBO) is the sale of wine directly from the Producer to the public, through a token representing each specific bottle. At the end of the IBO, the tokens representing the wine under a ticker will be publicly traded on Alti Wine Exchange.


Q. How do I contact Alti Wine Exchange?

A. If you have any questions please email us at info@altiexchangegroup.com . We're available to help from 8:30am to 5pm CET, Monday through Friday.


Q. How do I sign-up for a Alti Wine Exchange account?

A. Signing up for a Alti Wine Exchange account is easy. Simply go to the Register page and fill the instructions on your screen. Once you transfer money to your account you can begin trading.


Q. How do I fund my account?

A. Log in your Alti Wine Exchange account and select Transfer Money. Follow the instructions given.
You can fund your account via:
‐ Electronic funds transfer
‐ Wire Transfer


Q. Is there an account minimum?

A. There is no minimum amount to open or maintain an account with Alti Wine Exchange. There is a minimum required investment amount on IBOs of one token representing one bottle, which can be found on the Offers or the listed token/wines on offer.


Q. Does Alti Wine Exchange offer margin trading?

A. Alti Wine Exchange does not offer margin trading.


Q. Does Alti Wine Exchange allow short selling?

A. Alti Wine Exchange currently does not offer short selling. Trades are done in blockchain to guarantee ownership.


Q. Does Alti Wine Exchange solicit wine trades?

A. Alti Wine Exchange does not solicit trades or advise Alti Wine Exchange users of the suitability of any wine trade, or IBO offering. Investors who trade wine through the Alti Wine Exchange platform make their own trading and investment decisions.


Q. What are the risks of investing in wine?

A. Wine listings on Alti Wine Exchange platform are suitable for investors who are familiar with wine as a consumer product and are willing to accept the risk associated with poor liquidity. Wines traded on Alti Wine Exchange are intended for investors who do not have a need for a liquid investment, or wish to consume the product. Investing in alternative investments like fine wine requires risk tolerance to low liquidity, and long-term commitment. Investor has the guarantee of a real asset on his investment.


Q. What are the major differences between wine and fine wine?

A. The term fine wine is more subjective than objective. Whether a wine is considered fine depends on the ability to age based on the fact that they are made to last and need a few years to mature in the bottle. Fine wine is made from top quality grapes, grown in top rated vineyards, in regions known from producing quality wines. Fine wine is worth collecting and is valuable because it is tied to rarity.


Q. Where is my wine stored?

A. All wine is securely stored in the wine vaults of Bordeaux City Bond. Your collection is precious, and it needs the best conditions; this is ensured when you trade on Alti Wine Exchange through our partnership with Bordeaux City Bond, where your wine is kept in pristine condition in a temperature controlled environment with specially adapted lighting. Bordeaux City Bond is an ultra-high security, warehouse devoted to the storage of fine and rare wine, exempt from all duties, and taxes.


Q. How will you communicate with me about my account? Will I receive notices or statements?

A. All of our clients have access to detailed account information on the platform. We may also have occasional mailings and emails on topics of interest. In addition, we provide investor update on new IBO offerings. All trade orders can be placed by logging into your account.


Q. How do I take possession of the wine in my account?

A. Please contact us at info@altiexchangegroup.com if you wish to have the wine delivered to you. Consumer taxes must be paid depending on your country of residence.


Q. What kind of Investor should invest in wine?

A. Wine is a consumer product so any person of age can be an accredited investor regardless of their income and/or net worth. Because wine is an alternative asset in this case a real asset, investors should allocate a maximum of 3% of their net worth to fine and rare wine.


Q. How do I list a wine on Alti Wine Exchange?

A. You need to be a wine producer. For more information on listing your wine on Alti Wine Exchange please contact info@altiexchangegroup.com.