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By using the Alti Platform (“Platform”, “Services”), or registering for a Alti Account (“Account”), you (“You”, “Yourself”) are agreeing to this Terms of Use Agreement (“Terms of Use”), we please ask you to read the entire Terms of Use Agreement carefully before you register or use our Platform.
The platform, consisting of apps, and APIs, enables clients to send, receive, buy, and sell digital tokens (“Tokens”) of wine listed.
By signing up for an account or using our services, you explicitly acknowledge that you are:
1. At least 18 years of age, and have the full capacity to accept the terms of use.
2. Accepting the terms of use.
If you do not accept our terms of use, do not create an account or access our apps.


Digital goods and products can be volatile in price, there are many technological risks associated with blockchain technology, and digital tokens can fail catastrophically, in addition trading volume is fairly low in most of these tokens, because of these and other risks, the worth of your tokens can increase or decrease in value within days.Just as importantly, when buying new tokens under new IBOs, reading the Private Placement Prospectus is critical. We list tokens on our platform per request from wine Producers that wish to list a particular wine by listing the token on our platform.

Software Cracking
We take extensive steps to defend our platform, including but not limited to storing user funds in multi-signature wallets, using FIPS certified Hardware Security Modules to create, store and use private keys, and implementing bad actor protections in all of our internal processes, eliminating single points of failure by eg. cryptographically requiring multiple actors for critical systems operations and preventing collusion between multiple bad actors via regular internal audits.
While that is said, it is never possible to make a system 100% secure, as a result of that, we do not represent or warrant that our platform is in any way impenetrable.

Unauthorized Account Access
We provide you with authentication methods to our platform, each of them come with security benefits and drawbacks, and while we try our best to protect you from them, we are not the kind of company to underplay them either. In particular, if your machine is compromised, there is not a whole lot we can do to protect you, because of this we urge you to stay up to date with security updates for your operating system, as well as your browser, (and software/libraries, in particular SSL/TLS if you are a developer), as we rely on these technologies to provide you a safe experience using our platform. To protect yourself when using machines you aren’t sure are secure, you should enable two factor authentication on your account from a device you trust.
While we take steps to defend you against risks, we provide no warranty of any kind, either explicitly or implied.

You warrant and represent that you are not a US citisen, or a resident of any other jurisdiction in which asset tokens exchange is regulated activity, and that you are more than 18 years of age.

Unless officially approved, all material on the platform or through Alti’s websites is the property of Alti, and are protected by trademarks, copyright and other applicable laws.Fair dealing is permitted.
Data, charts, apps, copy, video, audio, images, and graphics are all owned by Alti, and trademarks, service marks, logos and logo-icons of Alti and others are the property of Alti Exchange Group.

Maintaining accurate personal details
It is critical that you maintain accurate details on your account about yourself, since we do not allow unverified clients to use certain parts of our platform or beyond use levels at our discretion.

Please read the following information carefully before using the Altiwineexchange.com (Alti) Website and Services (including any Alti account). By using the Alti Wine Exchange Website and Services you (as applicable, “you,” “Buyer” and/or “Seller”) agree to these Terms & Conditions and to the Alti Privacy Policy.
You must be at least 21 years of age to participate.
All purchases are final and bids and offers can only be retracted or cancelled by yourself.

Usage of the Alti Wine Exchange Website, including all information and content contained therein or accessed thereby, is subject to the following terms and conditions:
The wines described on the Alti Website are offered for sale by producers through a process of IBO. The wines listed are offered by Alti Wine Exchange as a marketing agent on behalf of the Seller. All items are sold in bond. Every attempt has been made to describe the wine as accurately as possible in the memorandum of the IBO. However, Alti Wine Exchange does warrant the accuracy of the descriptions, encompassing but not limited to vintage, provenance, and authenticity.

The wine industry estimates that between 3 and 7 percent of all wines sealed with natural corks are ruined because of a natural fungus in corkwood that produces the chemical compound trichloroanisole, or TCA within the cork. TCA has a distinctive odour resembling mouldy newspaper. In almost all cases of “corked” wine, the aroma of the wine is reduced significantly, and a heavily tainted wine is completely undrinkable. Since all of our wine is consigned, and much of it very rare, we cannot replace wines that have been ruined because of cork taint. We do not accept returns of corked wine nor do we refund for corked wine.

Title, Taxes and Delivery
Title. Title to, and ownership of, all wines passes to Buyer upon payment of the purchase price. Wines are deemed delivered pursuant to a direct shipping permit.
Taxes. For wines delivered to the EU, VAT taxes will be charged. To an international address taxes vary according to jurisdiction.
Delivery. Alti Wine Exchange may arrange for delivery to you for a fee from Bordeaux City Bond or make independent delivery arrangements. Buyer shall assume full responsibility for delivery expenses, including delivery costs, and packing. The Buyer is responsible for all duties and customs charges incurred.

At Alti Wine Exchange we are committed to maintaining your privacy and security. We will not share your information or email address with any other party, unless required under a court order or to comply with legal or other regulatory laws. This privacy policy discloses our practices regarding information collection and usage solely for the website located at Altiwineexchange.com, and the Alti mobile app that can be downloaded from app stores.
This privacy policy explains how we protect your information gathered via (1) the web pages of Altiwineexchange.com’s website (the “Website”), (2) downloadable applications accessed from mobile devices with respect to which this privacy policy is posted or linked (“Mobile App or Mobile Apps”) or (3) any other mode of interacting with you relating to Alti Wine Exchange communications, such as emails that reference this privacy policy (“Communications”). By using the Website, Mobile Apps, or continuing to receive Communications, you agree to the use of such information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Our Website plarform registration requires you to give us contact information, including your name, mailing address, your email address, and a valid payment method. We also collect your IP address to ensure legitimate usage of our Website. We use this information to provide the services requested by you, including the purchasing of products and/or services.

When using our Mobile App, in addition to contact information, we may also collect information relating to your device, including your device model, operating system, browser type, unique device identifier, IP address, mobile phone number, mobile network carrier, location, and the way you are using the Mobile App. The information collected will depend on the functionality of the specific Mobile App you are using. If any other information is collected relating to your use of a Mobile App, such information will be specified in the Mobile App.

We collect certain types of information that may be considered and specifically named “personal data” in certain jurisdictions, included in the European Union (“EU”) such as:
• Identity Data, which includes name and username.
• Contact Data, which includes address, email address and telephone numbers.
• Financial Data, which includes partial credit card data and expiration date. We do NOT maintain or store credit card information on our Website.
• Transaction Data, which includes details about the payments to and from you.
• Technical Data, which includes internet protocol (IP) address, your login data, and device and browser information.
• Profile Data, which includes your username and password.
• Marketing and Communications Data, which includes your preferences in receiving marketing material from us

If you choose to receive emails from us, we will use this data to send you information about our IBOs, club offers and other Alti Wine Exchange news. Alti Wine Exchange is an Opt-in Website. This means that it is up to you to choose whether you want to receive promotional emails from us that may be of interest to you.

None of our products or services is intended for use by anyone under the age of 21 years. Users of our Website are required to verify that they are 21 or older when they register. Therefore, we do not knowingly collect or distribute any information, on anyone under 21.

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