Yes! For the first time you can now trade fine wine tax-free on an EU based exchange.




Buy and sell fine and rare wines as if they were stocks on a regulated market.

We make the whole experience easy, so you don’t have to waste time or energy on details you shouldn’t have to think about to invest in wine.

Cost Effective

You don’t need your own wine cellar, or to arrange for storage in a bonded warehouse, and most importantly, trading is free from consumption taxes.

Instead you pay a trading fee of 2%, and we take care of everything else.

Safe & Authentic

Your wine is safely stored at Bordeaux City Bond, and ownership is registered on the Ethereum blockchain.

This ensures the optimal storage condition, and authenticity of all wines on Alti Wine Exchange, which is essential for the resale value of your wine.



Limited Access Inaugural IBO (Initial Bottle Offering)

150 bottles of the rare and exclusive Quinta de Vallado 1888 Port wine will be offered to the market for the inauguration of Alti Wine Exchange, (first 150 qualified investors only).



Start trading wine, the real asset

Buy the wines you want for investment, without the storage hassle. Whether you are a sommelier, or an investor, you will love the simple, seamless experience of trading wine on a regulated market.

Explore the world of wine and be inspired

Follow our wine indexes. At Alti Wine Exchange building a wine portfolio is as quick and easy as creating a stock portfolio. Discover the finest and rarest wines the world has to offer and be inspired for your next investment in wine.

Build a legacy wine collection without the hassle

Your collection is precious, and it needs the best conditions; this is ensured when you trade on Alti Wine Exchange through our partnership with Bordeaux City Bond, where your wine is kept in pristine condition in a temperature controlled environment with specially adapted lighting.



All wine is securely stored in the wine vaults of Bordeaux City Bond.

Set in the heart of the investment wine reference, Bordeaux City Bond is an ultra-high security, climate controlled warehouse devoted to the storage of fine and rare wine, exempt from all duties, and taxes.