You failed to be among the 50 owners of the Moscatel from 1911 and will lose a huge opportunity...

Hardly a day goes by without some fresh evidence that the economy is getting better. The problem is that we don’t think so.
Everywhere we look, we see something wicked coming our way. The Dow is near its all-time high but the rally seems dead. Consumers are still buying other people’s products, but more and more people are going bankrupt and it’s difficult to see the employment boom the media is talking about.
What we can see is more people and governments borrowing, printing, spending and going further into debt, so we think it’s more appropriate to call this ‘’fantasy economy.’’


In 2017, As you may already know, a group of people with a long history in finance, stunned by the new reality of negative interest rates, decided to create an alternative exchange to offer Fine and Rare wine for investment purpose, because Fine wines are real assets.

What we at Alti hope with such exchange is to get money we have never earned from the investment in Fine and Rare Wine.

Now, before I continue, I need you, dear reader, to wear long term glasses for me. Given the choice, what would you prefer to have for the next 10 years? German Bonds/ French Bonds/ Greek Bonds or even US Bonds? Or would you rather have a Moscatel from 1911? I will help you with a thought. Debt is continuously rising, meaning there is more and more of it with each passing day. But there are currently only 50 bottles left of Moscatel from 1911 and probably much less so in 10 years.  So which one is the hard asset?

Rare wine, much like art, holds a lot of potential for investors like you. Banksy's famous ‘’No Ball Games’’ sold for 8.000 in 2015 and three years later was worth 30.000. Why? Because it is rare and unique.

I have friends who are senior executives in some big institutions, and these people understand that fiat money loses value over time, especially now, with Central Banks desperate to inflate financial assets, but some have said that it is easier to have a ETF of physical gold or silver to have the same protection. To them I just said ‘’write to them and ask them to send your portion of the gold and see how the conversation works out.’’

With Alti Wine Exchange, you can always ask for the delivery of the wine to your house!

Marta Barros