We buy wine with the intention of making money over periods of time.

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We buy wine with the intention of making money over periods of time.

Rethinking retirement is a famous book of John Piper with the goal to challenge people to have a far greater purpose in life. Rethinking retirement is also an absolute must for Pension funds, because interest rates have been at 0 or close to zero for over 10 years now.

For any individual over 65 it is the worst time to retire since just before the dot-com bubble burst. Rising inflation and an uncertain economic outlook, all point to much lower returns. Retirement calculators often use historical average returns of 7%, but nobody can expect anything near 7% return without taking much more risk now. The problem with risk is that a sudden period of bad returns cannot be made up even with astronomical returns later.

This is the reason the investment practices from pension funds is changing and moving their money from stocks to alternative investments such as private assets and hedge funds. The average allocation to alternatives more than doubled according to Pew Charitable Trust.

Alti Fine and Rare Wines is a fantastically simple concept: turning fine wine into an alternative asset traded in a platform. This is an incredible powerful idea especially at the high end of fine and rare wines spectrum.

The benefits are obvious: reducing to zero the possibility that a wine could be fake.

The wine is taken to the blockchain as a token with a certification authentication, offering not only proof of ownership and history but also a permanent link to the IBO document.

Alti Wine Exchange is launching this week the sale of a wine token on behalf of popular Wine Producer Vallado. The wine is the Adelaide 2015.

The wine tokens represent each a bottle, each token is backed by a bottle of Adelaide 2015.

Tokens represent a transformative way to invest in fine and rare wines, as well as a unique way of storing wealth.

Alti Wine Exchange was created because a group of former professional in finance wanted to protect savings with Fine and rare wine, a consumer product that can be another form of hard money. Jesus turned water into wine, Alti offers to turn Fine and Rare Wine into money, and if predictions of 7% inflation by April in the UK from Deutsch Bank’s chief credit strategist Jim Reid come true, you will know your Fine Wine will be money.

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