Why we need a Great Reset of the financial system

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Paulo Pinto

Alti Wine Exchange founding member

We are going into the third decade of the new millennium, with a Covid-plagued economy, the highest debt in the history of mankind and financial elites proposing a radical plan to transform the economy. What could go wrong?

In his new book, “Covid-19: The Great Reset’’, World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab proposes a new view, keen on permanent restrictions on liberties and entire sectors sacrificed to boost monopolies. This great reset is rolled out under the guise of a “Fourth Industrial Revolution’’ – and is indeed a revolution of the future, very different from the one we have.

It’s difficult to believe that anyone knows what lies ahead, but what is suggested in that book is the exact opposite of what we proposed here a while back with a Central Bank of Social Security.

While we believe a bottom-up approach is better, they suggest a top-down one. While we want freedom for people to explore their creativity, they suggest more socialistic policies, more regulation and more government programs.

If you are joining us at Alti Wine Exchange, you should know that our primary mission is to bring you fine and rare wine to preserve your wealth.

Why, you might wonder? Because fine wine and rare wine represents peace of mind: a good insurance against inflation and a strategy against volatility in the markets.

There are huge economic and financial moves going on like this WEF Great Reset.

Luckily, life is a closed book that opens one page a day, and in the last few weeks here at Alti Wine Exchange we have launched the Moscatel Kingsman 1919, a wonderful century-old Portuguese muscat, and the famous Chilean wine Seña, with vintages from 2007 and 2008 that were part of the Berlin Tastings.

These are extraordinary wines for both insurance and enjoyment.

What the WEF’s Great Reset proposal misses

Looking back at history, we have the strong conviction that before we have any type of radical change, inflation will come, and because in fact it is already here – but people are not aware, because the rules to calculate consumer price index (CPI) have changed.

Shadow statistics in the USA keeps record of the government 1980 formula to calculate CPI, as can be seen below, and it is very different:



Governments believe they can borrow enough money to pay for the lost income of individuals and governments.

We don’t believe this is possible in the current model without consequences. This is the bet we are willing to make, and this is why we are putting our money into fine and rare wine.

The trend for a change in the way we live is picking up speed with Covid.

Some people, like Klaus Schwab and friends at WEF, have plans for the future which do not include particularly what you think or how you feel about it. But this debate is much wider.

The Great Reset needs to come to the monetary regime we are living, we have no doubt about that, and that means in our view a new Central Bank of Social Security, which we have been talking about for a while.

The essence of this plan is to have money available to people, independent of loans, while guaranteeing the solvability of Social Security, and at the same time a minimum guaranteed income, allowing each and every one to fulfill their own aspirations and responsibilities.

So, have a glass of a fine, rare wine and think about it. See if it makes sense.

We will get back to this and dig deeper on our next post, because there is just so much more to say on it. Stay tuned.





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