Alti Wine Exchange wins award for best fintech in South America

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Hey, everyone! It’s Breno here. Despite the worrying developments regarding the covid-19 pandemic, that has got investors and winemakers in panic (me too!), we’re starting off the day with some wonderful news for Alti Wine Exchange.

We have just been recognized as Best Fintech in South America in the SOUTH AMERICA AWARDS 2020, the first of such accolades from the highly prestigious financial outlets Sala de Inversión and Hispatrading.

For us, it’s an honor to receive this award. From the company’s very beginnings, its founding members have led a worldwide effort to demonstrate how fine and rare wines are a unique financial asset, and how they can be traded in an efficient and direct way with its pioneer blockchain-powered marketplace.

With more than 60.000 readers combined, Sala de Inversión and Hispatrading are leading financial publications in Spanish, accounting respectively for a website and an online magazine whose subscribers and audience include some of the most prestigious traders in the continent. They also heavily feature international companies that are pioneers in their sectors.


I reached out to Mathias Groennebaek, Alti’s CTO and founder of the innovative market infrastructure platform Braveno, for his opinion.

“We are proud to receive this recognition of our years of hard work building the future of alternative asset exchange, and hope investors from all over South America will join us on our journey to making fine and rare wines an integral part of protecting their portfolios from inflation in the years to come”, Mathias told me.

Given this great recognition, we hope to have even more South American investors and winemakers joining us soon.

Muchísimas gracias, Sala de Inversión y Hispatrading!


PS.: In times of pandemic, stay home and stay safe, everyone!

You can keep up with your home office, read some books, cook some new dishes (have you ever had shakshuka? It’s my new favorite homemade treat)… and safely buy or sell your wines with Alti!

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