Five useful apps for wine lovers anywhere in the world

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Dear reader, wine lover,

No matter where you are in the world, nowadays there are great apps for wine enthusiasts like you and the rest of us.

After all, as the world is ever more connected, it is becoming increasingly easier to find options right in your phone to: keep track of your wines; manage your cellar; acquaint with other oenophiles; compare prices; develop your tasting profile; meet new styles; easily shop for cheap to expensive options; find the right pairings; compare different vintages; and even more.

No matter if you are in Europe, the US, Australia or anywhere else in the world, these apps are quite useful for you to get further with your wine love and knowledge! And they’re all for free.

Let’s explore!


Wine apps for tasting wine, exploring and learning more


As of 2021, there really is no real competitor to Vivino when it comes to wine apps. Its main feature is a scanning feature that allows you to take pictures of bottles for detailed information at the palm of the hand – such as users’ given scores and ratings, prices, differences between vintages. It is very useful when shopping for wine: all you have to do is scan a bottle with the phone camera and you’re presented with all needed information, many times including even a tasting profile. And of course, this crowdsourced work also counts on you, as your ratings contribute in the platform.

Vivino goes beyond. It also has its own internal shop, AI-powered tools that will help you explore more or develop your preferences for specific wine styles, and also a very well-organized social media to connect all sorts of wine enthusiasts – from newbies to pros, from influencers to friends.

Available for free, iOS and Android.



From the homonymous website that has been a blessing for tracking wine prices, this is truly the go-to wine app if you are comparing wine or market prices for basically every wine you can think of. As in its website, the Wine-Searcher app is also a long-range encyclopedia that helps finding wines, critics’ reviews, best prices, technical details and even locating tens of thousands of nearby or global shops for purchasing a specific bottle you are into.

Available for free, iOS and Android.



Similar to Vivino in many of its scan and review features, Delectable is stronger on working both as a wine journal and as an educational medium, with inputs from leading wine critics. There, you can follow top sommeliers and winemakers, find curated bottle lists, review by yourself.

Oh—it has a plus of also working with beers and spirits. Not bad!

Available for free, iOS and Android.




Planning to manage your collection? CellarTracker is one of the most popular wine tracking apps, and much of this is because of its extremely quick barcode scanning feature, listing millions of wines from all over the world. Also features users’ and critics’ reviews, as well as tasting notes. You can also keep track by adding your own tasting notes, ratings and label images. Only minus is the old school interface.

Available for free, iOS and Android.

Cellartracker app.png


Wine and food pairing lovers, rejoice! Even though HelloVino is one of the many apps that let you rate bottles or glasses you’ve had, its main feature that stands out is the tool for pairing wine with food – even if other apps in this list also suggest pairings. Its arguably most advanced feature lets you break down pairings by ingredients or even occasion – family feast, dinner, party? You got plenty of options available with it, in details. Far from those simple recommendations “red with X”, “white with Y” we find everywhere.

Available for free, iOS and Android.

* * *

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Until next time.



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