A fantastic Riesling from the oldest winery in the world is our latest IBO

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The beautiful view from Staffelter Hof’s vineyards

The beautiful view from Staffelter Hof’s vineyards

Hi, dear readers,

I am Breno, the Alti Wine Exchange copywriter whose posts many of you have been reading and commenting for some weeks already.

I usually give you (nearly) daily updates on wine exchange, investing in wine and everything else during quarantine. Some of you even sent us emails saying you were envious because I wrote that, here in Lisbon, the weather was getting warmer and even sunnier than usual.

Well, your envy worked out just fine: today is a quite rainy and cold day. What a gloomy way of quarantining. Wasn’t it supposed to be spring already, Portugal?

Anyway. Sorry for the complaints. Because I’m actually VERY happy to be back here to talk wine investment!

This time, I’m announcing that we are launching our latest initial bottle offering (IBO). It’s the long-awaited best wine from the oldest active winery in the world! Yes! Best. Wine. From. The. Oldest. Active. Winery. In. The. World.

Let me introduce you to the Riesling Beerenauslese Kröv Steffensberg 2007. One of the rarest and most appreciated Rieslings from Mosel, Germany’s most celebrated wine region.

The Riesling Beerenauslese Kröv Steffensberg 2007 is one of Staffelter Hof’s flagship wines and will be able to age for easily 100 years. Light and low in alcohol, it can be intensely fragrant with beguiling floral and mineral notes, and a wonderful balance of sweetness and acidity – brought by a combination of the Mosel terroir minerality and the handpicking of late-harvest Riesling grapes that were affected by the very helpful noble rot fungus.

Click for the whole bottle!


Click for the whole bottle!

And whilst only 88 liters of this fine Riesling were made on this 2007 vintage (and it’s had only had four cuvées since 2007), Staffelter Hof is the oldest winery in the world still active. It dates back as far as 862 AD, meaning at least 1150 years of winemaking traditions.

So, yes. It is an extremely rare wine, with exceptional qualities, to be kept for many decades by collectors and investors.

What makes it even more incredible is the minimum investment required to invest in a bottle: 69 euros. Thanks, Alti, I’ve already subscribed for mine.

I’m not joking. I could go on and on in telling you more about it. Instead, I’ll link the full information about for you to see for yourselves.

Certainly one of the best wines for investment, isn’t it?

staffelter hof.jpg



Now you understand why I was so thrilled suggesting nice and easy recipes to pair with this incredible white wine, right?

To be very nice to you, I’m recommending two more suggestions for desserts to pair with this magnificent Beerenauslese Riesling.

As I mentioned before, it harmonizes very well with desserts that combine sweet (and caramelized) fruit and richness (buttery, creamy). I suggested the eponymous tarte tatin back then.

Two other delicious, rich options that will be finely paired with it are a lovely cherry-mascarpone tart and a delicate panna cotta with raspberries. You can find them respectively at Food & Wine and BBC Food. Enjoy!

Cherry-mascarpone tart
Vanilla panna cotta

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PS.: If you want to invest in the Riesling Beerenauslese Kröv Steffensberg 2007, just click here.

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