“What’s My Next Question?” – Benjamin Kaplan

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What’s My Next Question?

On a random day like today 11 years ago, a legendary Harvard Law professor and lawyer, Benjamin Kaplan, died at 99 years of age. A rich, marked life that left an impact long after his last breathe.

Apart from influencing the likes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kaplan is also famed for his work within copyright law. In 1960, he co-wrote the first casebook on copyright with Ralph Brown; and later, in 1967, he published An Unhurried View of Copyright. In this work, he begins with pre-printing press times and the Crown’s censorship, arriving at conclusions on modern-day laws that must consider ever-changing technology.

As this legendary craftsman and gentleman passed, another master was just coming to life. A life that would never have to worry about copyright, born in the “Bordeaux of South America.”

The 2010 Viñedo Chadwick by Viña Errazuriz. An identity and profile that simply cannot be copied. And that’s the beauty of wine! Sure, there can be similar soils and weather patterns, but not one place is identical to another, thus well-made wines will never have to worry about unauthorized multiplications, bans, or proper accreditation.

Oh sure, someone could pour inferior wine into a Chadwick bottle, but one sip would give it away. Each wine has a unique character that cannot be copied. It’s a content creator’s dream: Copyright Free!

During Kaplan’s funeral, there were “cloudy, sodden skies” that led to heavy rains. Similar conditions were taking place down in Chile’s Maipo Valley. Alto Maipo, to be exact, home to Chile’s most prestigious wines, such as Don Melchor, Almaviva and the unforgettable Viñedo Chadwick.

August is the dead of winter for Chile when the Mediterranean climate’s rains come. A time of rest and repose. Cloudier days to lead the way for a successful renewal of spirit.

From death comes life. A life of rich red fruit, earth and chocolate-covered minerality. A life with a finish that lingers on like the works of a prominent law professor.

Just like Kaplan, Chadwick has changed lives. Right up there with Seña, Chadwick is a solid example of Chilean wine’s potential. Proving its place among fine wine, Chile benefits as a whole. Justice is served!

You see, for most of modern winemaking history, Chile has been considered more as a producer of quality cheap wine, as opposed to a source of something fine. Thankfully, no country owns the rights to premium production.

In favor of the Socratic teaching method, Kaplan was famous for randomly selecting a student and asking, “What’s my next question?”

So we ask you, what’s your next wine investment?

Another boring Bordeaux? Or a derivative of concept (Cabernet Sauvignon dominant with a touch of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot) combined with a misunderstood/mistaken “New World”? No intellectual property, just good ingredients.

Remember this when thinking of wine: It’s not about the recitation of facts, of sundry abstractions held up for comparison…it’s about accounting for your taste, your own beliefs.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to wine. Just like Kaplan, you are a participant in the dialogue, and you must be open to learning something new. So try something new.

Again we ask, what’s your next wine investment?

Perhaps Viñedo Chadwick? Let us know why or why not in the comments below!

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