Keeping fit and drinking wine during quarantine

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wine and fitnesswine and fitness

Mens sana in corpore sano.

You may know it well: a healthy mind in a healthy body. That’s my mantra for these quarantine days. That’s why I’m writing today about keeping fit and enjoying the benefits of drinking wine (moderately!).

Oh, hey everyone. I’m Breno, off with the fine wine investment talk for a bit and back to you with some personal tips for the day.

We’ve all been seeing how quarantining takes a toll on productivity and physical and mental health. But it doesn’t have to mean a sedentary lifestyle.

I’m not here to give you an exercise coach lecture!, I promise. But you can start from the basics: nice morning stretches are the perfect way to get you going for the day. Some also like yoga to start the day in a lighter mood.

Depending on where you live, it’s still possible to go out for a quick stroll or jogging – but always keeping social distancing.

Exercising and having wine are not mutually exclusive…

(I personally like this routine here as well.)(I personally like this routine here as well.)

(I personally like this routine here as well.)

One specific thing I like is to work while standing. Strange as it seems, I’m writing on my feet with my laptop on the kitchen counter right now. Every now and then, I drink water and walk around the apartment. Makes my mind work faster. Hope you try this as well!

Simple, small exercises can do the trick. Walking around the house for half an hour, doing jumping jacks sessions, climbing stairs… And if you want to be even more productive, you can use the extra time you’re having at home to do a full cleaning. That will surely be useful in different fronts, right?

I’m also a big-time tennis fan and haven’t been practicing because of the pandemic. Due to lack of space, I bought myself a rebound tool to practice tennis shots at home. That means I keep playing as I can, hitting the ball without taking the risk of breaking any furniture. My girlfriend appreciates it!

Even if it’s not the best possible option for athletes, a daily routine of small exercising is something everyone can do. Cooking your own food also helps keeping focused and eating healthier.


Enter wine, the precious liquid.

Did you know, for instance, many top-performance athletes like to drink wine? Take the basketball genius LeBron James as an example.

Good for my health? Count me in.

You may have read many times about how red wine is good for your heart and could even help you burning fat. And if you haven’t heard it from your cardiologist yet, we’re giving away the spoiler: it’s (almost) true.

While many stories on media outlets spectacularly claim “Wine burns fat” or “Wine can replace exercise”, we know that’s just fantasizing. However, different studies have proven the benefits of a moderate consumption of wine associated with exercising, for instance, include boosting metabolism of fatty acids and reducing bad cholesterol.

The reality, so far, is that the resveratrol found in the skin of red grapes has shown promising evidence of being a good supplement to exercising routines. The same goes for ellagic acid, also found in grapes such as cabernet and merlot. These wines also provide antioxidants that can help neutralizing free radicals.

While associating red wine with a healthier lifestyle, some recent studies have shown white wine can also provide some of these benefits. We hope science can prove it for good!

Personally, I always feel better when I develop an active lifestyle and have an occasional sip. 🍷

Stay active, stay hydrated and stay home!


PS.: Since my investor efforts won’t stop while quaranting, I told you a few days ago about how I was excited to have my bottle of the Riesling Beerenauslese Kröv Steffensberg 2007. Now I’ve just bought a IoSonoDonatella 2013 Brunello, our very first IBO. What a treasure to keep for years and years. Only two bottles currently for sale!

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