Transcending Time through Wine

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On August 11, 1888, The Scientific American published its 658th issue, replete with exciting findings. From “A Study on Whirlwinds,” to “The Distillation of Peppermint” and thoughts on the human conscious, this popular science magazine had already been around since 1845. Today, it is the oldest continuously published monthly magazine in the US, proof that quality and consistency create legends.

Of course, Quinta do Vallado already knew this. Established in 1716, they are one of the Douro Valley’s oldest Port wine producers. By the time 1888 rolled around, they already had 171 years of experience! And by August of that year, the estate’s pre-phylloxera vines were maturing grapes that would produce a Port of unbelievable longevity.

Whereas nearly everything discussed in that 658th issue is now outdated and replaced with new technologies and theories, Quinta do Vallado’s 1888 Port is still very much relevant and alive, 133 years later.
We are no longer captivated by the “more and more interesting results in measure as the sensitiveness of gelatino bromide of silver increases and the rapidity of shutters augments,” concerning an article on instantaneous photographs. Few understand shutter speed in our digital world and we now have handheld devices that record in 8K. Yet this liquid, this winemaking feat from 1888, cannot be replaced, cannot be forgotten.

With just 933 bottles released, the Vallado ABF 1888 is a tribute to the estate’s 300+ year history. It was bottled in 2016, taken from three original 650L barrels carefully guarded by a small producer in the Lower Corgo area. Most of the liquid had evaporated, but that which remained has wowed privileged palates around the world.

Chef Sommelier Justin Leone wrote paragraph upon paragraph on his experience, referring to this Port as a “veritable monolith,” that “braved the inexorable passage of time and emerged not worse but rather quite better for the wear.”
And so it makes sense that for just USD 7.99 you can receive a digital copy of The Scientific American’s Volume 26, Issue 658. Time has rendered it a relic, perhaps of historical interest, but of little modern-day value. Tasting time, however, is priceless. The Vallado ABF 1888 is a masterpiece of inexplicable sentiment.

As Leone so accurately states, “Of course I could spend pages revealing in the positively intoxicating beauty of this extraordinary specimen, however, one absolute truth forces me to brevity; the beauty of it all lies on the palate of the beholder.”
This is one we cannot tell you about…you simply have to experience it for yourself.

Though it’s priced at far more than a digital copy of outdated excitement, you still have the opportunity to transcend time and live a moment that few will ever enjoy. We have a few bottles left. Don’t you want to be a part of the story?

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