Wine ideas to pour romance into Valentine’s Day

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Dear reader,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As Jobim and Sinatra would sing, “the fundamental loneliness goes whenever two can dream a dream together”…

Well, at least for me, wine has always been a big part of this romantic tradition. Nothing better than enjoying a special occasion with our significant one and a good bottle, cherishing good moments and looking forward to deepening even more our bond.

Sorry, I’m being a bit cheesy now.

Let’s pour some romance for this Valentine’s Day with some ideas on wines, pairings and gifts, then!

Which wines suit Valentine’s Day the best?

It may seem silly – but first and foremost, the wine that translates the bond between you and your loved one. Traditions can come and go, so think what makes sense in accordance to your very own history!

Think, for instance, of wines that match your history as a couple: that one specific wine you had in a travel years ago, the one you drank at a first date, maybe?

If you’ve happily together for many years by now, maybe it’s just the perfect occasion to open that wine that just gets better with age, just as your love story does!

Alternatively, start figuring out by now what food you’d like to pair your wine to (here’s the basics you can go for)!

On the other hand, some people on the mood for romance (that Marvin Gaye-esque or Barry White-esque ‘ooh la la’ romance) may say “Ooh, red wine has aphrodisiac properties”, quoting scientific evidence to, let’s say, get in the mood. Well, that is surely a good argument…

If that’s a plus for you, keeping it casual might do the trick – lower alcohol, roundness, versatility are key. So Burgundy, Beaujolais, a nice Valpolicella or even Carmenère could be interesting choices.

Instead, maybe you want to keep it celebratory – feeling like a good occasion to pop up a bottle of you favourite bubbly (from Champagne to alternatives as Cava, other Crémants…). Great one too.

But if you feel that the sparklers are too heavy for their acidic, bubbly side, make it lighter – fizzy alternatives such as Vinho verde, Lambrusco or Moscato, even versatile rosés, can make it fine and pair well.

Valentine’s Day also reminds me of chocolate. And a great way to top off a special occasion as this is go sip a nice dessert wine, preferably a good Tawny Port! Late harvests are wonderful as well.

Thinking wine-related gifts?

Wine is a never-ending world of possible gifts when it comes to lovebirds.

Thinking only wine itself? It can be a cherished bottle of a wine or a vintage that marked your love story. It may be a bottle of the finest wine you can think of from a blend or a grape you really love. Or even a big surprise with an unexpected higher-end choice of a fine wine you both never tried before.

And there’s much more you can think of: Pinterest-inspired wine decorations, for example. Books to indulge or just to learn more. A nice decanter. Or new glassware

red_wine_wine_bottle_red_alcohol_cellar_bottle_of_wine_wines-664513.jpg!d valentines day.jpg

Or… instead of merely looking for the same old gifts, you could also look for a much more original way of gifting love: you can gift your loved one a bonded bottle of a rare wine, so they can choose whether to keep it for a special occasion or even make a splurge from future offers! Passion is an investment too, as we often say around here.

And if you’re under quarantine, enjoy the company binge-watching some films or shows about wine cosy on the couch. Simple and joyful.


I mean: no lack of possibilities in merging the occasion with wine, even during socially distanced times…

Happy Valentine’s Day, and until next time!

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