Could 2021 be the year of hard assets?

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Paulo Pinto

Alti Wine Exchange founding member


Dear reader,

The covid-19 pandemic continues to be very much present in our lives, with a “psychological fear” leaving emotional scars and a deep recession because of confinements.

This could permanently alter the way people spend, save, consume and invest in the weeks or months ahead. Some economists are now talking about inflation and the possibility of 2021 to be the year of hard assets.

This is obviously not new for those following us here. We have been talking about inflation for a while, but let’s see what is typically called hard assets.

What are hard assets?

hard assets alti wine

Technically, hard assets are grouped in five categories: energy (oil and gas), agriculture (commodities like grains, coffee, sugar, livestock), base metals (copper and aluminum), precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) and forest products (paper and lumber).

I like to include another group: the alternative assets – particularly fine and rare wine, because it is a consumer product that will be immediately affected should inflation hedge higher.

Some will say that it is debatable if inflation is to be a problem for the economy, but the fact is wealthy people seem increasingly interested in real assets like farmland, real estate, gold and silver.

This proves that some people are seeing fear about inflation, even if another far bigger group may think the risk of deflation is far greater.

You do not have to follow any of those groups fearing inflation or deflation, if (and when) investing in fine and rare wine. A collector’s bottle in 2020 will be rarer in the future because wine, unlike other hard assets, is consumed providing tailwinds for very good wines becoming rare.

Alti Wine Exchange is launching the IBO of the Moscatel Kingsman Century Edition 1919. A wine with more than one hundred years. There is Moscatel de Setúbal produced every year, but it is impossible to reproduce this wine made in 1919.

jose maria da fonseca moscatel kingsman 1919.jpg

Some people are asking for more about the Kingsman Century Edition 1919. “How do I fit in?”, “How do I get access to that asset class?”… It is not hard: see more here.

For those wealthy clients who can afford to tie up money for the length of time it takes to make a sizeable return, this is a beautiful opportunity. For those not willing to wait because they collect wine to drink, it is a fantastic time to taste this exceptional wine with friends and love ones.

We do not know when this psychological fear around us because of covid-19 will finish, but we couldn’t ask for a better rare wine than this to celebrate life. There are only 100 bottles available on this initial bottle offering.

Focus on what matters and ignore the market noise.

Santé, saúde, cheers.



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